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"The team is always on time, does an amazing job of cleaning and following our instructions, and is always courteous and friendly when we see them. We've had other services before and merry maids team really seems to take pride in their work."

- Sarah K., October 24, 2018

"Merry maids' service has always been very reliable and very good"

- Mrs. V., October 20, 2018

"Diane was wonderful and did a great job cleaning my home. I had asked for a post renovation clean up and she was very flexible on the areas of the house that I wanted to have cleaned in order. I had never hired a cleaning service before and Diane made me feel at ease. She was able to clean the entire house in the time that I requested. I wouldn't hesitate to have her clean my home again."

- Rose C., October 11, 2018

"All staff are polite and accomadating. The girls do a great job."

- Carol W., October 10, 2018

"Excellent staff. Very thorough. No strong chemical smell after cleaning. Did even more than I expected."

- Sonia S., October 5, 2018

"Cleaned our home thoroughly. Very pleased."

- Geralyn K., September 30, 2018

"Merry Maids cares about customer needs"

- Marium A., September 15, 2018

"I like that the products don't leave an odor. Merry Maids are very accommodating in their services, especially when something extra needs doing or change schedule"

- Janet G., September 5, 2018

"The service was great as always, I am so happy that the ladies who came remembered us from previous visits, this just shows that they care and work with a sense of connecting with the customer. Really appreciate the good job done, it made us moving into the new space less worry some."

- Alison F., August 28, 2018

"I like the reminder the day before. The relaibility of the service and excellent work done every time."

- Susan W., August 21, 2018

"Quite satisfied with the reliable service Merry Maids provides. Keep up the good work!"

- Mr. Thompson, August 21, 2018

"I have been satisfied with the care all personal have provided in my home."

- Evelyn C., August 21, 2018

"The staff member who comes to do the cleaning of my apartment. Her patience with my two kitties? fur. The products have never affected my kitties or me. They have a lovely light scent. They clean well. "

- Miriam Z., August 21, 2018

"Very friendly and professional"

- Jessica D., August 11, 2018

"very good cleaners, and friendly"

- Barbara P., August 2, 2018

"Friendly, customized service...feels like family, and I love that!"

- Trevor Y., August 1, 2018

"Courteous staff, and great service!"

- Donna N., July 15, 2018

"I love the extra special care that is taken to clean my home."

- Elynn P., July 14, 2018

"Prompt service and always process what is needed even after cleaning is done."

- Mrs. P., July 6, 2018

"The ladies clean my home really well, and are very nice. Excellent service!"

- Avril B., July 5, 2018

"I had a one time deep clean done on my home. Pleased with the overall experience and that even the sliding door tracks were cleaned! I loved the steam clean on ceramic tile, the floor turned out great."

- Danna M., July 4, 2018

"The merry maids do a good job each time and I am their satisfied client for the last 4 years !"

- Mrs. V., July 4, 2018

"I loved the organic products and h20 steam mopping. This was essential for my floors and due to our allergies. The team was friendly and allowed me to design a special cleaning package to cover my cleaning needs."

- Carol Ann L., July 2, 2018

"Great customer service. I like it when someone answers the phone and helps you out and my request was quickly filled. Sabrina did a great job cleaning my moms condo since she had to move out and I was renting the place. Thanks"

- Joanne V., July 2, 2018

"Lovely staff"

- Mary-Beth E., June 29, 2018

"Excellent service"

- Russ T., June 22, 2018

"Great job cleaning, friendly, professional. "

- Katie E., June 22, 2018

"House was spotless"

- Tina P., June 21, 2018

"I really like the service provided and most importantly the dedication towards work is remarkable! "

- Maliha S., June 21, 2018

"Thanks for the great service and standing behind your work! We highly recommend!"

- Nicole B., June 14, 2018

"I like Tamara! She works hard...very detail oriented, but easy to have in the house!"

- Jennifer S., June 13, 2018

"Very professional staff and the products are natural. Safe for the pets!"

- Michelle M., May 30, 2018

"Very thorough and efficient. They did a great Job."

- David B., May 23, 2018

"Great job time after time. Very consistent cleaning so you know nothing will be missed. Also, very accommodating if dates need to be changed or an "emergency" cleaning is needed. Not sure which products are used but they work very well."

- Max P., May 22, 2018

"The ladies were really professional and they did a great job with cleaning the apartment."

- Denice J., May 7, 2018

"Friendliness of the staff"

- Wanda H., May 6, 2018

"I like the products because I am highly allergic to strong chemical odours and yours have none. And it's much easier for me if I have the same ladies clean my house. They already know what I need done and I'm OK with leaving them for an hour or two."

- Janet G., May 4, 2018

"A supervisor comes by to make sure all is going well. The initial discussion about the services required was detailed, efficient, friendly and professional."

- Jennifer D., April 16, 2018

"Excellent attention to detail! "

- Susan S., April 11, 2018

"The ladies were here on time, were very thorough while cleaning the house that first day and were also fast! I felt as your logo says, I could relax, everything was done! Also Michelle's advice and how she answered to all my questions let me trust the company to come in and clean my house. "

- Amy A., April 4, 2018

"Tamara does a nice job and is quite attentive to details."

- Lynn M., March 28, 2018

"The team is friendly and they do a great job! "

- Chris S., March 27, 2018

"Excellent service and care. I am comfortable with having one cleaning staff every week. The predictability of time and Espananza is very detail oriented."

- Michelle B., March 5, 2018

"I really like that if anything was missed, the cleaning is guaranteed. The employees don't shy away from feedback and are great listeners. I feel like my home is clean."

- Bernadette S., March 1, 2018

"The ladies in general do a good job. Mileidy who we had our last cleaning was absolutely FANTASTIC and paid attention to detail which is extremely important."

- Jaime M., March 2018

"Love Tamara! She’s hardworking, personable, and goes beyond what is expected! "

- Jennifer S., February 24, 2018

"The ladies who have attended to my cleaning have been respectful and take care of our property. Sherry who has been here many times is very efficient and pleasant to have in my home..I find the products they use seem to do a good job and I haven't noticed any unpleasant odors. "

- Evelyn C., February 16, 2018

"The house smelled clean and fresh. Cleaners worker efficiently and professionally."

- Bernadette R., January 24, 2018

"Do a thorough job, and can be trusted. Very well organised with reminders before coming, and a letter on the day from those who cleaned."

- Susan W., January 9, 2018

"I simply loved the lady who came into clean. Quinn is thorough and detailed and a loverly personality. I also like the fact that you could accommodate my tight schedule."

- Liese C., December 21, 2017

"The service was very efficient and professional. The products are very ECO-friendly and leave the house smelling very fresh and clean."

- Laurie C., December 20, 2017

"The staff are very friendly, accommodating and thorough. Always a job well done when they attend my home. I like the reliability of Merry Maids!"

- Sandy B., November 27, 2017

"Absolutely amazing services! "

- Yasir A., November 17, 2017

"The lady who worked in my house was Macon she is very hard Working and sincere. I will recommend your company along with Macon to familie and friends"

- Taj A., November 12, 2017

"I think the important thing about this service is that they have a wonderful management team. I rate their customer service as 100% satisfactory. "

- Cherry C., October 27, 2017


- Robert W., October 12, 2017

"I just want to thank Marry maids of Mississauga for coming to evaluate the condo on such short notice, and your crew did an excellent job in cleaning the unit. Because of the wonderful job you did, I no longer have to replace the kitchen cabinets or the bath room tiles. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you again! Job well done! Best Regards."

- Valentina R.

"Ladies are all very professional and if you have anything specific that you would like them to focus on they do it and ensure they pass on the comments to the office. I liked that they took my request and did it rather than telling me why it could not be done. I find that the ladies stay the course and do not try and cut corners - not the experience I am used to."

- B. Maclennan, Mississauga, ON

"We have been using Merry Maids for many years now. I suffer severe allergies to dusts and mold so it’s critical that my home stays clean. With three pets, that can be a tall order. The staff at Merry Maids are very polite and respectful of my home and my belongings. They take extra care to work around the animals but it’s the little touches that we have come to treasure - the turn down service on the beds, the folded toilet paper ends of the rolls... These personal touches make me feel that my home is in good hands and is as cared for as if I was doing this myself."

- Sue. D, Mississauga, ON

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